Sundry Sentiments | 2

Venessa Tai Yeh
1 min readDec 2, 2022
Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

we are on a giant rock
floating like a speck of dust
through infinite space.

yet, if you look closely
with a magnifying glass,
you will see a dazzling display.

for when you paint a mountain,
the rocks are not just dirt brown.

to paint a mountain,
you need to light fire to the red,
a year to gather all the grays,
then mix all the blues of the sky
from dawn till dusk,
blend all the greens of the ocean and dark pine,
and alchemize the tones of copper and gold.

you will need to dip sunflowers in honey
for that special kind of yellow,
topping it off with a hint
of the brown stardust
that only exists in your iris
and the white plucked gently
from snowflakes and ashes.

for we are dust, we are dust, we are art.

Thank you for reading the second installment of my experimental series. Here is the first one if you missed it:

I was hoping do one of these a week but they say the most important part of writing is experiencing life. This was inspired by the mountains in Colorado (I am from California).



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